Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Halloween everybody

We put up our halloween decorations this weekend and Peyton ran around the house with every new decoration she could find yelling "happy halloween everybody".
Their little faces just lit up when they saw all the decorations. Of course it took us twice as long to decorate with their help.
Caden insisted that ALL of the light up pumpkins be plugged in immediately.
I LOVE halloween, besides Christmas its my favorite holiday and always has been. We used to put up tons of decorations before we even had kids. I can still remember wishing for kids so badly and hoping we would be able to have big family halloweens. Well I got my wish plus more!!!!


Anonymous said...

Halloween is one of my favourite times of year too. Maureen loves it also but that also has to do with the fact her birthday is the day I take the night off work every year and until last year have always gone along with a niece or nephew. Sadly they are all to old now to take an aunt with them...selfish If I win the lottery I am coming to Texas to go out with you and those gorgeous kids of
Love Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Just doesn't get cuter than those 4 in their Halloween attire.
Love, Sharyon