Wednesday, October 17, 2007

When will it end???

We are sick AGAIN!!!! We have been sick almost steady since Spencer started kindergarten. This time we all have strep throat. They have been sick all weekend and yesterday I broke down and took them to the doctor as they developed a rash. With the look of their throats and the rash I was sure it was strep, but wanted to make sure and knew they needed antibiotics. Sure enough it was. Spencer can go back to school tomorrow as long as he feels better, he misses his friends.Now I need to call my doctor and get some drugs for me. lol
I can't believe the kindergarten cooties are this bad!!!!!!

Then today the kids wanted grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch so I go out in the garage to get the sandwich maker. It of course is tangled in Bob's coffee maker and while I am trying to untangle it a can of carrots falls from chest high level and lands on my toe. I still have the sandwich maker in one hand and am trying to untangle it from the coffee pot, so I can't drop it. The kids are all standing there watching me so I can't even swear. I finally get it untangled and come in the house and slam the door (to make myself feel better - which it didn't do!). I rush into the livingroom so I can sit and tend to my poor toe. When I sit and look down I discover its bleeding REALLY BAD. Of course there is blood on the kitchen floor and livingroom rug and there is path all the way to the couch. Both boys are now crying because they see the blood. I can still see stars from how much it hurts too. Calgon please take me least until Bob gets home and I can take it out on him for leaving me the boobie trap. (or Bobby trap)
I will spare you the picture of my mangled toe. lol


MKB said...

Isn't it true that for a mom, WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS!!!
Have you ever had a day that you think, "Man, i am so bored?"
My friends who work always ask me that..."Don't you get bored?"
I laugh and say, " i am lucky to be alive at the end of the day - we are talking major combat!"
Enjoyed your post - sorry about your toe. The pic of your sicky kids is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are even cute when they are sick.
Yep, it was Bob's fault ok! He can manage to cause chaos even from work. LOL.
Love, S