Saturday, May 31, 2008


The pictures pretty much speak for themselves huh??
We had just gotten home from purchasing paint for the boys room. Caden wants to move in with Spencer and I had always said that when the little ones were ready to separate they would let me know. We are moving the boys into our computer room as its bigger. I will share some pictures when and if we ever get it done.
Caden came with me and was trying to be a big helper. He was "helping" me carry one of the gallons of paint in the house when he dropped it and it burst open. He had this look of terror on his face and was saying "sorry Mommy" right before he ran upstairs screaming. It was not his fault, it was an accident. If anyone was to blame it was me for letting him carry it. Poor little guy was sure he was in trouble. I finally was able to go up and get him and tell him it was ok, but not until after I scooped up as much paint as I could and tried to wipe up the rest. Bob and I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed..........get the idea? I think we got most of it up, but now there is a clean spot and we need to scrub the rest of the walkway. It still has a slight blue haze to it, maybe we will have to paint all the sidewalks blue. Who knows we may be starting a new trend.
Its no wonder nobody gets anything done with kids around. We could have had the room painted in the time we spent cleaning. Now I get to go and buy ANOTHER gallon of paint and start the whole process over again tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I can laugh because it did not happen to me :) I am glad you were able to get it cleaned up without breaking your backs (too much).



PS: That is a lovely shade of blue

Anonymous said...

Tell Caden that at least he did it outside. I was a lot older than him when I did it in Mom and Dad's living room. The carpet was a tangerine colour and I spilled a can of blue paint on it...just a little darker than the colour in your pictures. They were planning on replacing the living room rug just not quite as quick as they had to because of the spill. Mom and Dad took it fairly well too although in their head they were probably wanting to shout at

Anonymous said...

Big Bird says "Everybody makes mistakes". That can was just a little too heavy for him. It is the thought that counts, right?
He did so good being a helper!.
You got to love those guys.
Love, S