Sunday, July 13, 2008

Seaworld AGAIN

We took the kids to Seaworld again this week for a couple of days. We just love the season passes.
We spent most of the time in their water park called "Lost Lagoon". They opened a new water slide with a double tube so the little ones could go down with us. They just loved that.
Spencer wanted to go alone on his and fell off the tube on the way down. Poor little guy was scared. I just wish Sydney would grow an inch - its getting harder and harder to sneak her past the ride attendants ;) You need to be 42 inches to ride most of the stuff and she is only 41. We even put cut up wash cloths in her shoes to make her taller. lol She just LOVES all the rides. Most of the time we can get her on too.
They also have big water slides that you need to be 48 inches to get on. They actually scared me the first time I went on them. So I did what any good mother would do....I took the triplets on them. The guys that were working at the top did not care how big the kids were. My friend Beth thought I was mean and didn't think they would go down the slide. I knew they would go down - at least ONCE. I figured if they were crying at the bottom then they would not go again (of course then I would feel awful for making them go down) . On the chance that they may like it though I wanted them to try it. I showed them the slide and they even had the chance to change their minds at the top. They came down with huge smiles and asked it they could go again. Whew!!!
The pictures are of them standing at the bottom of the water roller coaster getting wet. They just love that. Caden wanted to go on the roller coaster too which surprised me as he is scared of all of that. So I took him on and he cried when we went down the LITTLE hill. I then could hardly wait for the big hill. He was not as bad with that one as we got wet at the bottom. Of course every muscle in his little body was tensed up so tight on the way down. As soon as we stopped he asked to go again?? Who am I to say no, I love that ride. Well, he cried again and when it stopped he said he didn't want to go again this time. lol

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Anonymous said...

Getting a Season's Pass was the best thing ever to do. How great that the kids can go back again and again during the entire summer and until they close for the winter.
Give Shamu a kiss for us.