Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy birthday to me

We celebrated my birthday today. It was actually on Wednesday, but I was working.
The kids think its fun when its someone's birthday. I decided on Los Cucos which we brought home and ate.
Spencer was so sweet and gave me ALL the money from his piggy bank so I could buy a game for the wii. He couldn't find the one I wanted in the store. He is just so sweet. He had $36.05 and I told him that was the perfect amount for the game. I will take the money and put it in his bank account now. I don't want to put it back in his piggy bank because he will notice and it will hurt his feeling. They are all giving me a group hug here.


Anonymous said...

Oh Kim, so sorry that this is late. I did think of you on your birthday but I was at work and no access to a computer. I hope your birthday was a special day. Many Many Many Happy Returns from all of us here.


Anonymous said...

Maybe next year your birthday will be calmer for me. No more broken bones. Having surgery on your day will make me remember the exact date.
Never to late to celebrate - get everyone well.
Love, S