Friday, July 18, 2008


We went to the library yesterday to see some bugs. Xploration Station from the museum was there and brought some of their little critters for the kids to see. It was actually kind of cool. They even got to hold a tarantula. Sydney and Spencer did anyway, Caden and Peyton are like their Mama and think that spiders should be squished.

Caden and Spencer came home and decided they were not feeling well. A couple of hours later Caden runs in the kitchen yelling "there is a bug in my mouth" and them promptly thows up ALL OVER my kitchen floor. (Not a bug from the library.)
I rush him to the bathroom and the girls are running around saying "Caden puked" and making barfing sounds. Gotta just love kids.
I have to explain the whole bug in my mouth thing.
It was a couple years back and the kids were sick and wanted to know why. Well the nurse in me tried to explain bacteria and viruses to them. They had no idea so I brought it down a notch and told them that they were bad bugs that make you sick. They still think that real bug makes them sick and are inside them. Even when they have a headache or something they tell me there is a bug in their head.
Spencer seems to be fine today. Caden has continued with diarrhea and being sick to his stomach. He feels awful and is just laying around. Hopefully the girls willl not get this too.
I feel bad and hope no one at the library gets this. I would not have taken them if I knew this was going to happen.

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