Monday, July 21, 2008

Swim class

The kids started swim classes today. The little ones did great. They all did what the teacher asked them, including Sydney who put her face in the water to swim. She REFUSES to do that for me. She even went down and got some rings off the bottom with the teacher's help.
Spencer's class was too basic and the teacher recommended pulling him out and putting him in another one. The only time they offer the other one is the same time as the little ones' class and its at a different Y. Since I can't clone myself he gets to just go and play in the water park, its very cool too.
We stayed to play after the triplets finished their class. They all went down the water slides about a million times.
We LOVE the Y and can't say enough good things about them.

I am so happy about how well they can all swim. Its funny though, Caden swims with both arms at the same time like he is doing the butterfly - only its a dog paddle stroke. Sydney won't put her face in the water for me and swims exactly like a frog.
Peyton is the one that is doing really well with her strokes, but still needs some work. I figured it was time for someone else to tell them how to swim and maybe they would do it for them better. When we swim then just want to play and announce to me that "swim class is over."

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Anonymous said...

It is great that the kids are doing so well in the water. With a pool, those lessons are so very important. Enjoy your water sports, kids. Love, Nana