Friday, May 19, 2006


We took the kids in the pool tonight for an hour or so. They had a ball. Peyton is the dare-devil that wants to swim and play. Caden still wants to stay on the stairs and splash everyone. Sydney wants to jump in like her big brother Spencer. Spencer is swimming like a fish and the babies just think its hilarious when he jumps in the water.
I am trying to teach the babies to be a little more self sufficient in the pool, but it will take some time. I had the girls kicking their legs and laying down with their heads in the water. We put our faces in the water and blew bubbles too. Caden wanted no part of that as it would have interfered with his splashing everyone.
They do not mind their water wings anymore. They realize that they can't get in the water without them.

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Elizabeth said...

I really think you should stop being so cheap and buy those poor kids some toys to play with when they are outside :)

Looks like fun was had by all.