Friday, May 05, 2006

Swim class

Spencer has started swim classes at the YMCA again this year. (with his teacher above) He really enjoys them and can swim like a fish. He is in the Ray/Starfish class that is the highest level for his age. When he is ready he will have to go into a class with 6 year olds. My main goal for was for him to be able to get to the side of the pool if he fell in. He has surpassed that and then some. He just LOVES to swim and would spend the whole summer in the pool if allowed.
I am so proud of my little shark as he calls himself.
His favorite part of going to the Y is the waterpark. They have a jungle gym in the water and a huge bucket that fills with water then dumps on the kids. He thinks that is hilarious!!

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Elizabeth said...

I love those buckets...I bet it must feel great there when it is 150 degrees out :) Would you believe the wave pool and water slides from Sportsworld just sold at an auction for $8000!!!!! It must have cost about 20x that to put it in.