Friday, May 19, 2006

Wrath of destruction

Last night Bob was upstairs vacuuming up the broken glass from the lightbulb that they broke when they threw their lamp on the floor. He figured he would do the gameroom while he was there and just let the kids play............big mistake!!!
They emptied their dresser and threw ALL the clothes all over the room. They just thought they were hilarious too!!!
This morning I go in to get them up and they have taken the lamp shade from above lamp and destroyed it. I had personalized it too, with figures from their wallpaper border and paint. There is little pieces of plastic from it EVERYWHERE. Did they just pass it from crib to crib to see who could do a better job? They had also broken two drawers from their dresser AGAIN!! They were in pieces on the floor with all the clothes scattered around once more!
Did I forget to mention that Caden tore another hole in his crib tent?
They are napping now........or are they plotting their next wrath of destruction?


Sharyon said...

You only have 6 more months of terrible twos. Enjoy! L, S

Wendi said...

And you were laughing at the pictures of our wallpaper border the other day...Karma is SWEET!!!! muahh muahh muahh :)

Elizabeth said...

Maybe if you stopped running to get the camera everytime they were on a destructive path they would not find it as amusing :)

"KIDS....THAT IS BAD........WAIT UNTIL I GET MY CAMERA AND THEN DO IT AGAIN....but do not look at the camera, make it look like I just walked in and caught you.....ready...set...action!!!!!"


Sharon said...

LOL, Liz!!