Tuesday, May 02, 2006

No more cast!!

Peyton got her cast off yesterday. We are so happy that she can finally play in the water and have a real bath!!
She now won't walk on it AGAIN. Her little ankle is really stiff and sore when she moves it. The doctor says it will take a week or so for her to get back to normal. We are back to "up me" and "no...WAIT!!!!!" Takes some coaxing to get her to walk and when she does its very cute. She holds her leg out and tries not to bend her ankle or knee when walking and now running.
She had an absolute ball in the tub tonight, she had missed it so much. She is usually the one that doesn't like it when anyone splashes and she was the instigator.


Elizabeth said...

The pic of them in the tub is adorable. It looks like Peyton is happy as can be in the water.



Anonymous said...

Look at the size of her smile!!