Friday, July 28, 2006


We all went out in the front court and played with bubbles the other day. The kids had a ball. Sharon got them a bubble wand that blows huge bubbles that they enjoyed chasing. Spencer must have asked her a million times "is it my turn now?"
Sharon and Grandpa entertained them with sticker books and helped them make faces. Shawn even let Spencer play with his Nintendo game cube and play donkey kong. He had a blast. Actually we all enjoyed playing it.
Grandpa got the kids some lights that they LOVE!! They insist on taking them to bed and all you can see is lights going on and off when you look through the window from outside. Its a riot and I am sure the neighbor's are wondering what is going on in there.
Bob and I tried to take the kids back to the conservation area to walk on some manicured paths, but the mosquitos ate us alive. We gave up at took them to see a covered bridge and they got to see a few Mennonites in their horse drawn carriages. They all thought that was really neat.


Anonymous said...

Spencer caught on to how to work the bubble wand really quickly too! I played that Donkey Kong thing after you all left that night, It is exhausting! I suck at it too!, maybe not as much as you did though, Kim! Kevin just banged the cupboard and made the cow yodel, remember how much Sydney loved that cow?
Love, Sharon

Elizabeth said...

Thank God for the court out front of paw's. They sure did need the room to run around and play.