Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July to everyone!!!
It was raining and cloudy here on the 4th so that kind of cancelled our plans for a swim party and bbq before the fireworks. We had a good day considering Caden was sick and miserable for a good part of the day. He didn't nap and made sure that no one else did either. We made some home made sparklers out of pipe cleaners for the kids. Just put some metalic pipe cleaners in a straw and fanned them out. They loved them.........well Caden didn't want the "sparkler" parts and just ran around with an empty straw :) They had some homemade milkshakes too that they loved. We went to the mall by us to watch the fireworks. The kids were screaming with excitement when the fireworks started. It was just raining a little at that point so not too bad. They were really tired when they came home and went straight to bed around 10:30. We woke them up early to go see "Sponge Bob Square Pants the Movie" this morning. Bob took the day off. They were really good again and enjoyed the movie.
I think I now have whatever Caden had unfortunately. Lets just hope everyone doesn't get it!!!


Elizabeth said...

Sounds like you had a fun and busy day. Love the idea of the "sparklers".

Wendi said...

What a GREAT idea for sparklers!!!! Hope Caden is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

John loved the slide show too. He just cracked up with the home made sparklers - only, you Kim, could manage homemade sparklers and have your kids just love it. Wait till I tell all the moms who have little kids about them, they will be so jealous.
I have just got to get a copy of the picture of the 4 of them in front of the kitchen wall - it is too cute for words.
Get yourself well - fast. I have to leave town again next Wed and want to come over before I leave.
Love to all - miss you all lots,
Sharyon --- Show them my picture every day!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have sent the slide show to a lot of my friends. Each one writes back saying how much they loved it. The big questions is
When does she have the time to do all these things?
See you are the Supermom.
Love, Sharyon

Anonymous said...

Cool blog Kim!

------ Little Alexander lol