Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Play time

We have been taking the kids out every morning to different places. We took them to Victoria park on Sunday and they played in the spray yard. The water was FREEZING too!!They had a ball and didn't want to leave. They really enjoyed feeding the ducks and Sydney and Spencer let the Canadian geese take bread right out of their hands. Then they told me that the goose bit them.
Yesterday we took them to Waterloo park, it has animals that they can see and pet through the fence. Then we had popsicles and played in the playground for a while. Peyton has become attached to a headband with blue hair on it and prances around like a model showing it off to everyone. Its too cute.
Spencer has been swimming in my sister's pool everyday. Its way too cold for me....only 78 degrees. Spencer's favorite place to swim is in her hot tub though. Its 96 degrees. Our pool was 94 when we left. ha ha ha
Today we decided to take them to the Conservation area where I spent hours walking through the bush and on trails when I was younger. The trails are very rough and Peyton was NOT amused!!! Sharon called her a little princess. She hated the tall grass and wanted up the whole time so no weeds or leaves would touch her. When she did walk she would stop and push a a weed out of the way and they step past it. Then she would look behind her as she let it go to make sure it wasn't going to touch her. It was hilarious!! All the others just loved it though and ran through the tall grass and rough trails yelling in excitement.
I will have to take Peyton to the mall instead I guess. ha ha ha


Anonymous said...

I love the slideshow! We had a good time at the 2 parks didn't we? I don't remember, I am still numb from going in the pool 2 days after you left when the temperature had dropped to 72. You guys could NEVER get in a pool that cold. I am still busy trying to kill all the flies that got in my house when Caden opened and closed the door eleventy-nine times!! I am pretty sure I can get the firetruck he put in the DVD player out too! I am slowly putting my "stuff" back where it came from including that frigging bankers lamp he turned on and off, what? 7,000 times? Sometimes, when I am completely insane, I miss you all. Then reality strikes and I dance my happy dance (on the floor Caden wrote on with pencil). There are long blue hairs, from Peyton's wig everywhere! Shawn wakes up screaming "NO MORE!" all the time, then remembers he is not in the pool tossing Peyton in the air, dozens of times in a row only to be ordered "MORE!"
When I spoke to Spencer on the phone on Sunday he asked me if Shawn and Kevin were awake yet, LOL (teenagers, who like to sleep till supper time). Then he asked if Erin could come swimming in his pool. I am not jealous, but why is he attracted that little toad of a girl when he could have me? Okay, okay so she is not a toad and is actually drop dead gorgeous, I am a blood relative!! How is Sydzilla feeling these days. I always wondered why she sounded hoarse. After 3 weeks of listening to ear shattering screams when she doesn't get what she wants, I know! Well I gotta sign off and take Kevin out for a driving lesson. Give me Caden and a door any day!
Love, Sharon

Maryann said...

How cute! Love the pictures. And of course Peyton acts liek a princess, just look at that gorgeous face! She'll have boys jumping at the chance to do everything for her when she gets older. Better watch out :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!

Wow, it's so weird not having you all here! We miss you! I hope you had a...well...tolerable trip home (LOL), and that you're enjoying getting back into routine. And Spencer, I promise I'l come swim in the pool as soon as Shawn & I come visit!

It got really cold here for a bit after you left, but it's pretty hot again today. I'm enjoying it - it'll get very cold soon enough.

Well, I should go clean my room (so my mom doesn't keep yelling...LOL). Enjoy the rest of your summer, and come back soon!


Erin (a.k.a. the TOADY GIRL...LOL!)

Elizabeth said...

It looks like you guys had a ball at the park. The pics are adorable and I love how they fade in and out of each other. I regret that the timing of our trip overlapped with yours :( We would have loved to have gone to the park with your brood. Noah loved running around with all of the kids so I am sure he would have loved to be playing at the park.

Anonymous said...

Kim, don't forget to back all this stuff on a disc. This is just priceless for you to have when the kids get big. They will just love watching all of this. What a great job! Love, Sharyon