Saturday, July 29, 2006

Go fly a kite

We had a great day today. We went to Columbia Lake to fly kites and have a picnic. It was geat because for a change we were not out-numbered by kids...........there was more adults. Sharon, Kevin, Shawn and his girlfriend Erin joined our crew. We flew kites, played soccer (I even headed the ball once). lol
Then we had a picnic and walked around the lake to check out the Canadian geese. Kevin helped Spencer catch a frog and he was thrilled. Little Pocahontas (Peyton) had her flowery headband on for the day too.
The kids napped in the afternoon and then we had a water balloon fight in the front court. They really enjoyed that!!! Took Grandpa and Sharon an hour or more to fill balloons and only about 10 minutes for them all to be gone.
I really miss being close to family. Its so nice to be home!!!!

Click here to view a photoshow of our day


Elizabeth said...

Shouldn't it be Crumbly Lake???

Anonymous said...

I LOVE flying kites. My kids won't go with me anymore so I loved the day and the buggers came along because YOU were there. It was definitely my favourite day of your visit.
Love Sharon

Wendi said...

LOVE the shark in the lake!!!! Kim..what a fun PhotoShow. I never thought to add video. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this one!

Anonymous said...

I could watch these pictures all day long. I just love seeing you all have so much fun in Canada.
L, S