Saturday, July 22, 2006

We made it

We are in Canada now!!! We left on Thursday morning and arrived at my Dad's this afternoon (Saturday). We are all really glad to be out of the car!!!! The drive was not too bad I guess, but with 4 kids there always seemed to be someone whining. lol
We did manage to find one rest stop with a playground on the way home.
We had to share beds in the hotels and on Friday night there was 6 of us (and the dog) in two double beds. Poor little Spencer fell out of bed three times.
The weather here in Canada is the 80's with no humidity.
Spencer was not shy in the least when he saw everyone. Caden acted fine and made himself at home right away. Sydney came in talking and has not stopped yet. Peyton is shy and hid her face whenever anyone tried to look at her.

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Elizabeth said...

My gosh those pics are soooooo cute. I cannot believe poor Spencer fell out of the bed so often. Mind you, I do not think he fell as much as he was pushed out :)

Thank God you found the playground, at least for a few moments of sanity!!!