Monday, October 02, 2006

Playtime with Daddy

Bob loves to horse around and rough house with the kids. I am not sure who actually enjoys it more.....him or them?
He was giving all of them horsey rides at the same time and they were loving it. Peyton soon decided she didn't like how crowded it was and cut her ride short.
We had the car seats in the house as I was giving the van a good cleaning that was long overdue. They all went and got their seats and sat in them to watch a video before bed.
Sydney wanted to be strapped into hers and that was all Bob needed for an idea. He grabbed her and was moving her car seat around like an amusement park ride. She LOVED it. Of course Spencer noticed and decided it was his turn. I can't believe Bob was able to twirl him around above his head too. Caden and Peyton didn't notice and that is probably all that saved his back. lol


Maryann said...

Wow, Daddy sounds like the "Strongman" in the circus with all that lifting! What fun!

Anonymous said...

Bob, you are the biggest kid of all! And I hope you stay that way till the kids have their own. You are a great dad and will be a great
grandpa too. sharyon

Anonymous said...

Who needs AstroWorld when you have AstroBOB :) Look like they all had a blast.

Love, Elizabeth

Wendi said...

Oooh oooh...can I have a turn????

Anonymous said...

AstroBOB, I like that Liz! Which one of you is gong on the uspide down coasters with these two?
Love Sharon

kev said...

thats too funny