Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I'm a big kid now!!!

Spencer is officially a big kid now. He has moved out of his toddler bed and into a regular bed. Thanks Trey for the bed!!!!
We brought it in from the car after he was in bed last night and I was like a child.......I went in to see if he was still awake and wanted to see it. Of course he did - and then he wanted to sleep in it. He was too cute and excited to say no to. He looked at it and said "!!!!"
We set it up and he was thrilled. He was especially excited as now Mommy can lay in bed with him and read his bedtime stories.
Made me want to cry that he is not my baby anymore!!!!!
He slept in it upside down though even though I put him in properly. He has always slept in his crib and toddler bed with his head at the bottom. Too funny!


Anonymous said...

That is too cool. He certainly is turning into a big boy. It is funny how kids like to sleep their own way. Anytime we try to turn Noah so his head is on the other end of the crib he just turns right around. We are going to have to put his bed into his room differently or he will sleep with his head at the bottom as well.

Love, Elizabeth

Wendi said...

all three of my guys sleep like backwards like that too.

Anonymous said...

My husband sleeps upside down too! He starts like a normal human being, then he rolls up like an Egyptian mummy, in ALL the blankets and tosses and turns until he is upside down and I am frozen and very very cranky!
Love Sharon