Thursday, October 05, 2006

Best friends

Spencer had a friend over to play for the first time today. Tanner and Spencer are in preschool together for the second year in a row. They hit it off right away and always play together and really like each other.

They went swimming for a while, played with mega blocks and then watched "Chicken Little" while they played with a geotrax train set.

Tanner is a really sweet boy and they get along great!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Girl, what a trooper you are to have additional children over to play. I know that Spencer must have loved it. L, Sharyon

Anonymous said...

How sweet that Spencer has a friend to play with (who is not a sibling). I know the importance of good friends so I am glad he has found one :)

Love, Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say hello and to say how enjoyable you and your family are. Happy Thanksgiving, from your Canadian family. Maureen

Anonymous said...

That is SO CUTE!!!!
Love, Sharon