Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bike riding

We took the kids out for a bike ride tonight. It was nice now that the weather is cooling off a little bit.
We have bike trailers that go behind our bikes that carry two kids each. I guess thats means that we can't
have anymore kids . ha ha ha
They had a ball and all you could hear was giggles coming from behind you. They of course did not want to stop. My legs were just numb and they kept yelling "go again."
Definitley will have to do this again.


Wendi said...

Now THERE'S some excercise!!! You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Ever see those double cargo 18 wheelers? You can rig something like that up if you want to go for 5,6 and 7? haha
love, sharyon

Anonymous said...

It's getting cooler up here too! Last week you could have strapped a sleigh around your waist and cross counrty skied with them behind you. Getting cooler and you are all in shorts in your pictures!!! Cooler is snow and freezing rain, how quickly you have forgotten!! It looks like they had a great time.
Love Sharon

Elizabeth said...

Good gosh, I would be worn out just getting everything ready for the ride :) Looks like fun though and I am sure the attachment helps with your balance (for when you pass out).