Monday, October 23, 2006

Zoo Boo

We took the kids to the "Zoo Boo" yesterday. It took us an HOUR to find parking and the zoo was packed!!!! We all love the zoo, but think we will pass on the boo part next year. They had tons of carved pumkins to look at and the kids really enjoyed that. We saw the new baby elephant - very cute!!!!
They did a craft and made a little face mask that covered their eyes and put glue and glitter on it. Remind me NOT to do that craft at home............what a mess!!!!



Anonymous said...

They look like they loved their outing, especially Spencer and Peyton :) Their smiles are adorable.

Anonymous said...

OOOPS, I guess I should have told you who the previous post was from :)



Anonymous said...

Zoo Boo, how cute. The masks are cute. Bet it was worht the crowds in the end.
Love, Sharon