Monday, October 16, 2006

Bad Daddy

While I was working yesterday Spencer was playing with a ball and throwing it around the house. Bob told him he had to stop before he broke something. Spencer stopped and asked if he could draw a picture for Mommy. He drew a beautiful picture of himself playing with the ball and he had a huge smile in the picture.
Then he turned the paper over and drew another picture.............he had a huge frown and drew his arm pointing at Daddy because he was mad at him.
Then he went over and showed the pictures to Daddy and told him what they meant.I had to laugh out loud when I saw them!!!!

Daddy is lucky that I didn't draw any pictures yesterday. lol
I was leaving work around 8:30 after a really busy day and got in the jeep and it wouldn't start? This is the same jeep that we JUST put a new transmission in. Bob had the cell phone so I had to go back in the hospital. I want to add here that its pouring rain and on my way trudging through the puddles with no umbrella the sole of my shoe peels off the front so now my foot is soaked!!!
I get inside and he won't answer the of the kids has played with it and its off the hook. I try to call the cell phone and he has turned it off. His pager is upstairs too!!!!!!!
I go back up to the unit to hang out until I can get him on the phone. I decide to get security to see if they can boost the car, but unfortunately that doesn't work. When I went out to meet security I told my co-workers that if Bob ever noticed that I wasn't home and called to tell him I wanted a divorce and he was going to get the jeep in the settlement. ha
I finally got him and he packed all the kids up and came and got me. I didn't get home until 10pm. The poor kids were exhausted the next day too.
Good news though, after all that - it WAS the battery and the jeep is fine now.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the comments from this story. Giving him the jeep for the settlement is only fair. Maybe he could get the cat that messes all over too. You get everything else. At least he didn't lock you out and go to sleep like John did one time and I broke the door off one of the hinges to try to get back in. Have more strength than I thought.
Love, Sharyon

Wendi said...

The day you had would make a fantastic sit-com episode!!! :)

Anonymous said...

i draw mean pictures of bob too.... that evil man...


Kathy said...

I can just imagine you with the car in the pouring rain in the hospital parking lot with your shoes.....I laughed so hard I was crying....
Kathy Miller

Sharon said...

I think you SHOULD draw a picture of Bob. But don`t use crayons, use his blood!!! Someday, a long, long time from now, you will see the humour in that day without getting an urge to do really bad things to Bob. Spencer`s pictures are hilarious!!

Elizabeth said...

You need to make sure you write down what Spencer said. You will look at the pic 15 years from now and try to remember the whole story :)

BTW......I cannot believe the ordeal with the car. You have to admit, the part about the shoe coming apart is priceless. I can just imagine how calm and serene you looked as water ran off your nose :)