Friday, October 27, 2006


I went out this afternoon to discover a snapping turtle in our pool. It rained a ton yesterday and they streets were flooded, so he must have been out wandering around. I am sure when he found our pool he thought it was a great "lake". That is until he discovered he could not get out.
The dog wanted to play with him so bad.
Spencer named him Ellis. It took some work to get him into a bucket so we could take him to a pond that we go to when we feed the ducks. We had him in the bucket and came in and put the kids in the car and when we came back outside he had tipped the bucket and was at the bottom of the deep end again. He tried to escape in the car too!!
He's safe and sound now - lets just hope he doesn't grow too big and eat the ducks at the pond. ha

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Anonymous said...

I hope it survives longer than the lobster we liberated :)