Saturday, December 02, 2006

Christmas tree farm

We took the kids to High Star Christmas Tree Farm today with my local multiples group, the kids loved it. They all sat on Santa's knee and there was NO crying this year. Peyton was not really happy, but didn't cry or push him away. They all hugged him as we were leaving too. We took them on a wagon ride to check out the trees and let them walk around in all the trees too and they thought that was really neat.
I took them for haircuts later............I should have done that before the pictures.


Anonymous said...

That picture post card thing you made is FABULOUS. You are so talented! Your kids are cute too. Too bad your husband is such a toad eh?
Love Sharon

Anonymous said...

John continues to be amazed at your talent in making all these picture cards - girl, you need to go into business and make them for the multiple families. You could make a fortune.
But then again, maybe it is your babies' pictures that make them so amazing and not your talent. HaHa
Love, Sharyon

Anonymous said...

That looks like such a fun place. can we come next year ??? :)



Anonymous said...

I haven't read your blog yet, but peak at the pictures from time to time. I'm really glad that everyone is well now. I so envy you for diligently blogging. I have been wanting to start one but when I think about it, it seems so overwhelming. How do you do it???

Connie TQ 2003

Anonymous said...


I went and read your blog and must say your girls are much more rough than all of my boys. I will take the boys any day. LOL. I am so impressed that you have managed to survive all of these accidents and that you are all so smiley and happy still in your pictures. I do love your blog spot. It is fun to see everyone.

Hang in there and I hope that next year is a little more accident free for you. :>

*hugs* Jackie TQ2003