Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Christmas

Sydney keeps saying "Happy Christmas", not Merry Christmas.
We had a great day today. We were teasing the kids before we came downstairs and asking if they thought Santa had come or not. We looked out the window and the carrots we left for the reindeer were almost gone and the water was tipped over, that just added to their excitement.
We came downstairs together and they just flipped out at the presents. They tore into them immediately.
Caden got kind of tired opening presents and wanted to play with the toys he just opened. Spencer thought opening was the fun part. Grandpa gave him a digital camera and he took pictures of EVERY toy he opened. Peyton could not get enough of opening presents either. She just hung on to all her stuff and opened the next one. She was surrounded and no one was allowed to touch her stuff. Sydney thought the whole present thing was great.
Everything they opened we had to open the package and take all the parts out. There were toys EVERYWHERE.
We had a wonderful turkey dinner for supper (minus the gingerbread house dessert) ha
I forgot to throw it out last night and they noticed it it was deformed right away. Bob told them that Rudolf ate the trees and licked it, they believed him. We read the letter that Santa left for the kids too, he even mentioned that Rudolf ate the house.
The best present for us was to watch the kids faces as they opened their presents.

Chick here to enjoy a photoshow of our Christmas fun


Anonymous said...

OH MY looks like controlled (somewhat)insanity. You must have been exhausted, but what a great day. Just think, the bigger they get the crazier it will be (less room). Loved the slideshow BUT could you maybe have found a piece of music that was a bit nore upbeat? I felt like napping after listening to the harpsichord/mandolin playing for that long :)



Wendi said...

Looks like it was a very AWESOME day!! Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

John and I both just finished watching the slide show. He is so impressed with your work. Don't be surprised if we pop over one night to find out how to do it. He thinks that this would be fun.
(In his spare time)
Watching the play by play was great - felt like I didn't miss a thing and was part of the festivities. Your family is so lucky that you do all of this for them - it is the next best thing to being there. They don't have to miss a thing.
Love to all, S & J