Sunday, December 24, 2006

Visions of sugarplums

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone!!!!
We have been doing our last minute running around as usual today. We made our first gingerbread house. The kids really got into decorating it and it turned out great!! I think they ate more of the decorations than they actually put on the house though.
We baked some sugar cookies for Santa and and wrote him a letter and drew him some pictures. We left milk and cookies out for him and water and carrots for the reindeer. Spencer must really think he is hungry as he left a bunch. We let them open a present tonight too......flashing toothbrushes. We sang Christmas carols and then read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and tucked all the littles ones in bed to have "visions of sugarplums dance in their heads". When we came downstairs we discovered the dog had EATEN all of Santa's cookies, I was not impressed. Then I came into the kitchen to find what was left of our gingerbread house. He had eaten all the trees and a bunch of candy and there was lick marks all over it. Needless to say he is outside now. Bob and I are going to finish wrapping and put the presents out for tomorrow morning.
Wait...........I think I hear Santa coming.

May Santa bring you all you desire for the coming year!!!


Anonymous said...

That is hysterical!!! You need to put a picute of the half eaten gingerbread house on your blog :)

I see great minds think alike. We also read A Visit form St. Nick last night. We have done that every year since we got married. I have to admit it is nicer reading it now that we have Noah. After we tucked Noah into bed we did some last minute housework and made sume yummy hot chocolate.



Anonymous said...

Seeing the kids with the gingerbread house brings back lots of fond memories of all our own gingerbread houses that we made through the years. Each year we made a huge one at our house and in each child's class from the time they were 2 until 5th grade.
We had the grocery bakery bake large pieces of gingerbread to John's specifications. Since it was mostly for school, they gave it to us at a good price (about 1/3 of regular price) of course we had more fun than the kids making it, they always wanted to eat instead of decorate. The last day of school before break, the teachers would put everyone's name in a hat and the winner got to bring the house home with them.
Keep up that tradition.
Love, S

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention the visions of sugarplums. Priceless faces while dreaming of those sugarplums - you should send that to a magazine!
Love, S

Sharon said...

Apparently Androcules thinks he is a reindeer? That really is hilarious Kim. Your Chrismas Eve sounds perfect (well except for the cookie eating dog part).
Merry Christmas to all!