Thursday, December 21, 2006

Letter to Santa

Spencer wrote his very own letter to Santa this year. It was just too cute for words. He told me exactly what he wanted to say and I told him how to spell the words.
I will translate in case you can't read it.
"Dear Santa
I love you
I want some toys
No coal
We have been waiting for a reply and got one. Spencer was absolutely thrilled that Santa wrote back to him. Just click the letter to make it bigger to read.
I just love Christmas through the eyes of a child.


Anonymous said...

Well, it appears that Spencer was just as pleased as could be with his letter. Viewing Christmas through the eyes of a child is the only way to really enjoy it. Once they don't believe, it just isn't the same.
Love, Sharyon

Wendi said...

I LOVE it!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Spencer's face, he looks so proud with his reply from Santa.



Sharon said...

Spencer looks thrilled with his letter, I miss those days so much!!!