Friday, December 29, 2006

Look what Santa brought

Look how generous Santa was this year.
We finally got fed up repairing the jeep and decided it was time to get a new vehicle. Figured we may as well do it in style.
The kids love it and want to ride in the truck all the time.
The best part is, Bob wants to run errands, any excuse to drive the new truck and he is gone.


Anonymous said...

Well, someone must have been really good last year - Santa only rewards the good guys you know. You guys deserve a new vehicle. Hope this keeps Bob safe and sound and now you won't have to pack up the kids because the Jeep died on him. Will you get to take it to work when he watches the kids? May you all have many years of safe travel in it!!!!!
Love, Sharyon & John

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Santa you have :) It looks great and I am so happy that you finally have a safe, working vehicle. Can't wait to take it for a spin when I come down this summer (that is if Bob will give up the keys).



Anonymous said...

Santa must love you! I am so happy that you have a safe and reliable vehicle.