Friday, December 22, 2006

Only in Texas

I took the kids out this morning and we ran into a little festival where they were shaving ice to make snow. They were all thrilled and wanted to play in it.
It was 65 degrees here today so I am sure you can tell where this story is going. The crushed ice began melting in minutes and Peyton immediately fell into a 2" deep puddle. I dragged everyone out of the deep slush and was then pelted in the head by a slush ball. I was soaked. The kids were getting hit too by the older kids throwing it. My camera even got nailed. None of the kids were having fun. We got out of there as fast as we could. I asked them later if they wanted to play in the snow and they started chanting "no more snow, no more snow". Spencer told me he doesn't like pretend snow because its too wet. ha ha ha
We did get to see a couple of reindeer though which made up for the "snow"ball fight.
We then had a picnic in the park and they thoroughly enjoyed that.


Anonymous said...

Good news, it started snowing tonight. Snow on Christmas is a must. Mind you, you still have more snow than us :)



Anonymous said...

Look out the window now Liz, the snow has melted again! They really do have more snow down there! Mind you It's not quite 65 degrees here. It's about 32 degrees right now so not sure why the snow is not staying, very weird weather up here. The ski hill in Chicopee is closed until further notice Bob, sad eh? Too bad the older kids deided to throw the stuff, slush balls hurt not to mention they get everyone soaking wet and cold! Love, Sharon

Anonymous said...

Lucky break for you that the kids didn't like the snow - they could have started throwing too and you never would have gotten out of there! Love, S