Saturday, December 23, 2006


The kids just love the Christmas lights. We took them to see a light display tonight. They just scream in delight and want to stop everytime we see lights. They have to point out all the characters and shapes to you too.
Spencer is so excited about Santa coming he can't stand it. He told Bob that he and his brother and sisters were getting toys, Mommy was getting a new computer (I wish) and that Daddy was getting coal. ha ha ha
We have been working on our advent calendar and its almost done. We have a print out of Santa and everynight we have added a cotton ball and when his beard, moustache and hat trim are done...........its Christmas!!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a great picture of the family. You should hold onto it for a potential candidate for next year's Christmas card. Never too soon to start planning...quick, we only have 365 days left :)



Anonymous said...

I agree, it is a great photo. Did Bob get coal? Poor guy! It must have been so much fun at your house this morning, I wish I had been there to see their faces.
Love, Sharon

Anonymous said...

Just another great picture of all you guys! Looks like a postcard!
Love, S