Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy birthday to my little man

Spencer turned 7 today, I can't believe it. I know they say that kids grow up fast, but this is way too fast.
He is just such a sweet boy. He will do anything to please you and genuinely cares about his little brothers and sisters. I adore you my little man and can't imagine life without you!!!!
We started off by going to Build a Bear as the triplets got to go on their birthday. The little ones were really good and didn't whine once about not getting to make another bear, they knew it was Spencer's turn. I still expected some complaining once we got there, but not one peep. They were happy to show him the ropes as they were old pros. I was so proud of them.
Then we headed to Chuck E Cheeses to play and open his presents.
I have to explain the look on his face when he opened his new nintendo ds. He has been asking for one for ages. I have been telling him for a couple of months that he could NOT have one, insisting that he was too little. I would not even let him play with mine. I knew he would not be expecting it as I had been such a "meaner". He just looked shocked and then got a huge smile and hugged it. He has not put it down since he opened it. lol
After we opened presents we headed to his favorite restaurant in the world...........Olive Garden. He will pick it over ANY other restaurant every time.
James and Queta met us for supper and we had a ball. We had to wait almost an hour to be seated, but we talked and just relaxed and had fun. Spencer was embarrased when they sang happy birthday to him, but I think he secretly enjoyed it. Then we came home to cake and ice cream.
I had convinced Spencer NOT to have a birthday party with his friends now and that he could have a pool party for his birthday in April or May and invite everyone. Having all their birthdays in December and Christmas is just so much and I dreaded the thought of having to throw a party again too. Now I kind of wish we had done his friends party too as it would be DONE. Maybe he will forget...............NOT. lol

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