Thursday, December 18, 2008


Sydney has been telling me she wants her ears pierced for her birthday. Peyton told me she wanted hers done when she got her hair cut short and then almost immediately changed her mind when I told her that it will hurt and be like getting a needle at the doctor's office. I did not want to lie to them because it DOES hurt. I am still traumatized from mine and I was 12 I think.
I was going to take them to the doctor's office to have them done as I was paranoid and wanted them done by an adult and not a 12 year old that works at the mall. lol
I changed my mind and decided to take them to a place that would be more fun so they would have fun memories of the torture when they grow up.
We went to a place called "Sweet and Sassy". This place is cool and definitley geared towards pampering little princesses.
Peyton decided that she would get her ears done too since it was someplace cool and not the dr office. I still had my doubts she would go through with it as she does tend to change her mind every 10 seconds or so.
Sydney went first and looked very nervous. She did amazing and only cried for a minute. Peyton was next and still said she wanted them done. I told them not to open the earrings until they were ready to pierce. She did great and cried for a couple of minutes. They are both so proud of their new earrings and say they don't hurt unless you touch them.
Caden was more traumatized than the girls, he ran around with his hand over his mouth gasping for 10 minutes. You will see him in the video of Peyton.

Spencer was sweet and hugged and kissed them when it was done. I thought Bob was going to faint on the floor too, he was NOT happy to be there. I figure he needed to see their first piercing and won't need to be there when they get their noses, belly buttons and lips pierced when the are teenagers..........NOT.
They look so cute and so grown up now.
Sydney does not like to watch the video of her getting them pierced. She makes an ugly face and told me not to play it anymore.


Anonymous said...

The girls are going to write a Mommy Dearest book when they grow up and they realize these pics and videos where out there for anyone to see :)


They look adorable and very proud of themselves (mind you that might still be the shock)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, when they reach 18, they can pierce anything they want with or without your consent. I know this from experience of course.
When they say they want something else pierced - then you pull out the agonizing video of the ear piercing and tell them other places hurt 20 times as much.
And tatoos are even worse than that. Love, S