Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Is he 5 or 15???

I had to post this face. Did Caden just turn 5 or 15? He is mad because I told him he has to eat his green beans. All of a sudden they are gross and he doesn't like them anymore. I had to laugh and grab my camera when I got that look.
By the way he did EVENTUALLY eat them all, it just took him a while.
Here is a shot of my livingroom wall. I just LOVE kids art. I am trying really hard not to save EVERY single thing they draw for me too. I am going to be sad when Christmas is over and I need to take it down. I guess we should get started on some Valentine's art.
The kids (especially Caden) love my chocolate cookies with candy kisses inside. They are easy to make, just take time to roll the cookie dough around the candy kiss. They all helped me make some before Christmas and then proceeded to eat every last one in a few days. I figured we could all sit together and make some more today. Maybe even enough so we could give some away this time, so I made a double batch of dough. I had enough dough to make about 90 cookies and the "little darlings" made about 10 before they decided they were tired of making cookies and wanted to play with their new toys. I think if I have to make the cookies then I get to eat them all - fair is fair!!!
The boys love to build things with their new knex sets. (should be edited to say that Caden loves to watch Mommy build things and then run to her every 5 seconds and make her put it back together)

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