Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Caden kept running downstairs last night to see if Santa had moved on the NORAD site. He was so excited he was going to explode. Spencer ran down and caught me putting some presents under the tree. He came up behind me and yelled for me to hurry up before Santa got here. He scared me half to death. He didn't even notice the presents I put under the tree.

Spencer with the ornaments he made for us.

Today was so much fun. The kids are at a perfect age and were just thrilled with Santa coming and all the presents.

They got up this morning and immediately ran to the window to see if the reindeer had eaten the food we left for them. I realized too late that we didn't have any carrots so we left grapes and canned carrots for them. The sloppy reindeer spilled a bunch on the grass. They haven't asked why they eat in the yard and not on the roof yet. Soon we will have to put food on the roof. lol

They couldn't believe what Santa had brought for them, he really knew what they wanted. They just had HUGE eyes whenever they unwrapped something. I was just magical to watch them. I hope they believe in Santa for many more years.
I don't know when you will be able to see my livingroom floor again, but they are thoroughly enjoying themselves.

We had turkey for dinner and played with their toys all day, it was just great!

Here is our gingerbread house Christmas Eve before I let them all dive in and have a bite.

Here they are devouring it like the nice polite children I have raised them to be.

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