Saturday, December 06, 2008

Santa Claus

We had a busy day today. We started by going to Home Depot for the kid's workshop in the morning where the kids make easels. Then we rushed to Spence's basketball game.

Afterwards we took the kids to a Christmas tree farm and they got to see Santa Claus. They were all excited to see him, even my shy guy Caden. They sat on his knee and told him what they wanted.
Sydney told him she wanted an elf whos head comes off? He told her he would bring it. I have no idea what she is talking about or where she saw such a thing.........thanks Santa.

Spencer wanted an air hog helicoptor. He also has been asking for a nintendo ds non stop, but did NOT ask Santa for it, I was surprised.

Peyton wanted princess things, nothing in particular as long as it has to do with princesses she will be happy.

Caden froze up and would NOT sit on Santa's lap. I had to drag him over by Santa and he would not talk to him. I told Santa that he wanted some Geotrax and he nodded yes when Santa asked him. Poor little guy he was so excited to go see him then just froze up and was scared. I assured him that Santa would bring him toys and that its ok to be shy.
They loved watching the machine that knocks the pine needles off the trees and ran through a wooden maze they have there a hundred times.

I was thinking of letting them get a real tree this year and thought they would just love picking it out, cutting it down and bringing it home. Peyton whined the whole time we were walking through the trees looking and told me "I hate real trees!". Well ho ho ho, she is just full of Christmas spirit. lol
No one seemed too interested so we will just put up our artifical one.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures,Where's the snow? HA

Nicole Kearns

Anonymous said...

Kim, you guys have more Santa pictures than anyone I know and each one is better than the other.
Poor Caden, he is such a shy guy. I am so glad that you made him understand he would still get his presents.
He surely did come around by the time you went to see Santa at the Picture People. You have to add those to your blog ASAP. They were too cute for words.
Love, S

Kim said...

I had to leave a comment as a side note on this post. After we went to see Santa at the mall for the Christmas card, Sydney returned home and has referred to this Santa as the FAKE Santa. Its hilarious. She runs around looking at pictures from the other years too and says they are the fake Santas as they don't have real beards.
She lines up the pictures and points saying "fake Santa, fake Santa".