Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let it SNOW!

I am not kidding, it actually snowed here yesterday in Texas. I was at work and everyone was going on and on about it and I was laughing because they were calling it a blizzard and wondering if school would be cancelled. Being from Canada I have seen TONS of snow and am all over it.
Well that all changed when I was on my way home and it was snowing big huge flakes of light fluffy packing snow. I came in and woke the kids up (it was 8:30) and we went out and played in it. Some was sticking to the grass and the cars were covered in it. We made a snowman - ok, he was only 3 inches tall, but still a snowman nonetheless.
I realized that the last time I saw snow was 6 years ago so I was as excited as the kids if not more. I called my family to tell them about the snow and they were less than enthusiastic.
My nephew told me he was up to his knees in it and for some reason did not seemed thrilled about our "blizzard". lol
Spencer informed me he was going to shovel the driveway when he came home from school the next day. I am sure he would not have made the offer if we lived in Canada. Sydney ate every snow flake she could find and was surprised that it was not salty, I guess because it was white like salt. Peyton and the boys threw snowballs and had a ball.

The next morning it was all gone, but still freezing. Everyone got up and immediately ran to the window to see if the snow was there. Caden was convinced that it was going to snow again tonight.
It was only 22 degrees with the windchill. I dressed Spencer up warm and we went to catch the school bus.
I was wondering where everyone was and then spotted the cars. The other parents had driven to the bus stop in their warm cars and waited until the bus came to let the kids out. Come on, I mean the bus stop is only a few houses away and they drove??? Only in Texas would you see that. I had to laugh, then I ran in the house and turned on the fireplace to warm up.


Anonymous said...

We spent an hour getting all of the snow out of our driveway yesterday and now Ronald is trying to get all of the snow away from the bottom of the driveway because the plow shoved about a foot of snow there :) Enjoy your "blizzard" ;)


Anonymous said...

Us Canadians are just loving this story....right now as I type this the wind chill is -25 celcius....hmm that would be 16 Farenheit...out west the wind chill is -45 Celcius which I believe converts pretty much to the same in Farenheit...I got to shovel here at home yesterday and then we went to Dad's to shovel there. Now I get to go to work and shovel there...I would add a couple of ho ho ho's but they would have a slightly crazy sound to them....Merry Christmas!!
from Suzanne and Ron

Anonymous said...

i think it snowed more than that in the last 20 minutes or so. so happy the kids got to see snow :)
merry christmas from canada!
-ally beggs

Anonymous said...

Guess our snow didn't match up to the usual Canadian snow, right?
Well, this is about as good as it gets every decade or so.
Glad you woke up the kids to see it. Love, S