Monday, May 19, 2008

Nice weekend

We had a nice weekend. We went to the train rides Saturday morning and the kids always like that. Apparently everyone knows about them now and we had to wait in line for about 45 minutes. Peyton and Sydney insisted on taking their dolls for the ride and of course Peyton dropped hers while we were on the train. They were really nice and stopped it and one of the men went back and got it for her. She held on to her REALLY tight for the rest of the ride.

The kids swam again even though the pool is only 70 degrees. I can't believe how cool its been down here this spring. We even went for a bike ride to the park. Daddy got to stay home and mow the lawn. :) The boys rode their own bikes and I took the girls in the trailer behind my bike. Several people asked me "are ALL those kids yours??" The boys do really well and do not try to go on the road. We even took the long way to the park with no complaints. Well, at least from legs were burning.

We started a fire on Saturday evening and I was just about to sit by it and relax and it started raining, I couldn't belive it!!! Spencer and I stood in the rain and roasted a few marshmallows anyway as he missed it last week when he was sick.

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Anonymous said...

Summer is well in bloom for this outing. Just another great family outing and picture.
Love, Sharyon