Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Poor little Sydney has an ear infection. We were IN the pool for at least 10 hours on joke. Well, Monday night she started complaning that her ear hurt and was crying and holding it at bedtime. I figured better late than never and I put alcohol in it to see if it would help and dry it out. I also chased that with some tylenol.
Today at daycare she was miserable and they called to ask if they could give her some tylenol as she had a low grade fever. Well that only means one thing...its now infected. Good thing it was the daycare and NOT Spencer's school. His school nurse insists on sending him home with the sniffles. She makes me CRAZY, but thats a whole other really long story for another time. lol Just suffice it to say that I told her NOT to call me again unless he needs life she calls Bob.
We have a doctor appointment in the morning (only because they would not prescribe antibiotics over the phone). I talked to her on the phone when I was at work and told her we were going to get it fixed up tomorrow and she cried because she doesn't want to go see him.
Its too bad she has to suffer another whole day though waiting to see him.

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Anonymous said...

Syd looks like a teenager in that top picture. That is just too cute. Mom, you just keep those kids right in style.
Love, S