Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I had a wonderful day today. It all started with a bath to soak in the bath salts Spencer got for me. Of course the little ones had to come in and help me have a bath. The just LOVED washing my hair and rinsing it. That was about all the relaxing I had for today, but it was great anyway.

Poor little Spencer woke up sick with a high fever and just feels awful. He tried to go to his room to get the presents he made for me and had to run back to the bathroom as he was sick. He was so disappointed, but he felt a little better later and was able to at least watch as Daddy gave them to me. He made a beautiful wooden flower bouquet and some great pictures and cards. The little ones made some very cute pictures for me too. I actually threw away the Mother's Day cards they made at daycare. I had no idea that is what they were, what a BAD Mommy!!! I was so afraid they were going to ask for them. Bob distracted them and helped them make some more and they didn't even mention them.

Bob and I did tons of yard work. We finished planting the flowers in the little gardens, then placed rocks in them. Then we tackled the big garden behind the pool and raked out the weeds and planted a few plants. We are still not done the big garden, but it looks a lot better already. Peyton, Sydney and Caden swam all afternoon with their float belts on as the pool is STILL too cold for me to get in. They were little dare devils jumping in and swimming all over.

I found a snake in the garden while planting. I of course had to catch it and put it in the bug catcher. Bob ran around freaking out saying it was a cotton mouth snake and that we were all going to die when it bit us. Sydney wore the bug catcher around her neck like a necklace which freaked him out more. It was just a LITTLE brown garden snake.

We had my favorite Mexican food from Los Cucos for supper, we did take out. Poor little Spencer wouldn't even try any.

Then we had a fire and roasted marshmallows - I love them. I had my fill too, as everyone wanted to roast them, but I was the only one that would actually eat them. We brought Spencer out and made him a little bed with pillows and blankets beside the fire so he could enjoy it too. Caden and Sydney fell asleep sitting out there.

I can't imagine better kids to spend Mother's day with. I just love them so much!!!

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