Friday, May 09, 2008

We are so hot

I took the kids to see Sleeping Beauty today and then to the zoo afterwards. Sleeping Beauty was playing in the park right beside the zoo so I thought it was a good idea. There were about nine million other people with the same idea so we had to park far away. By the time we "ran" to the where Sleeping Beauty was playing we were drenched with sweat. The girls had also convinced themselves that we were going to Disney Land to see her. Much to their disappointment it was NOT Disney Land and indeed Cinderella was NOT there. They kind of enjoyed the show, but were way more excited about going for the picnic we had planned for afterwards. We stayed and watched the entire show though, we were not leaving after the trek I had to make to get there.
We had our picnic in the zoo and the kids thought the best part was feeding the koi. We then went to see the elephants, then decided to cool off in an indoor exhibit. Peyton put her hand in where the turtles were and was surprised when it bit her. Well you think it bit her hand off the way she was screaming. Caden and Sydney were quite concerned about her little finger too. After that I decided that we had endured enough excitement for one day and we came home. They fell asleep in the car before we hit the freeway.

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Anonymous said...

Just can't wait for them to see the Castle and the real Cinderella.
Disney will be such a delight for all of them - and you two mom and dad.
Love, Sharyon and John