Thursday, May 29, 2008

On the mend now

Sydney went to the doctor today and she indeed does have a raging ear infection, but only a touch of swimmers ear? He said it was just a coincidence that we were in the pool for so long. She is now on 10 days of oral antibiotics and antibiotic ear drops on top of that.
We took the downtown train from the park to the doctors office to avoid the almost $10 parking fees, plus the kids LOVED the train.
Poor thing was up last night at midnight with a 102 temperature. Followed shortly thereafter by Peyton who had to pee and then Caden wondering where everyone was. There was NO room left in bed for me. lol I shouldn't complain though as they very rarely ever sleep with me, I am lucky in that respect.

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Anonymous said...

They all look perfectly healthy to me. They surely do recover rapidly. Wish I had that type of recovery time for my body.
\Love, S