Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Who could be mad at that face???

Spencer came home from kindergarten with his very first yellow dot yesterday. They have a little calendar in their folder and they get green for good, yellow for a warning, red for bad and black for spawn of satan.
He has come home with green EVERY day since he started school. They didn't bring home their folders on Monday and he didn't say a word to me about it either. Well when I came home from work tonight Daddy told me to check his folder. (Yes, the kids were still not in bed). Spencer was very worried and looked at me all sad and says "do you still love me Mommy?"

I looked at him with his sad little eyes and you could tell he was just crushed. I just had to hug him and tell him it was perfectly fine. He was talking....imagine that? I wonder where he got that from? I would have had black every day for talking if we had that chart when I was his age.

I think perhaps I should get a color coded calendar system at home, do you think it would work????


Anonymous said...

That picture is just adorable!!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like his picture was taken at Glamour Shots?
Just wait until the girls have pictures like that taken, wow!
Yellow is a favorite color of mine - good for Spencer to finally break the spell of being so perfect every day.
Love, Nana