Saturday, August 16, 2008

Seaworld anyone?

We went back to Seaworld this week for a couple of days. We are certainly taking advantage of our season passes.
We always have a ball when we go. We spent the whole time in the "Lost Lagoon" water park again. Its too hot to do anything else anyway. I can't believe how brave the kids are, they go down all the water slides and love it. The girls don't like being in the deep end of the wave pool though. Peyton the little diva does not like water splashing in her face and Sydney wants me to lift her over the waves and my arms are not that strong.
Thursday we got Pizza Hut and went back to the hotel pool. I think that was the kids favorite part of the whole trip. Who needs expensive season passes to an amusement park, just swim in a hotel pool.
Peyton was too busy having a snack to pose with the other three in the first picture with the waterfall. :<)


Anonymous said...

The Seasons Pass was a great deal for you guys. You surely did get your money's worth out of it. You will need to do it again next year.
The kids and mom appear to be having a ball.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is just me but it looks like poor Sydney is drowning while you all pose for the camera :)