Friday, August 22, 2008

Tubing down the Guadelupe river

We went tubing down the Guadelupe river today and had blast. My sister was not really excited about this part of our trip. She was convinced that poisonous spiders and snakes were going to bite her and turtles and alligators were going to try to eat her. My nephew Shawn on the other hand was quite rational and told her not to be afraid of those things and that the really terrifying animals were the "eyeless ducks" that were in the water.
I wasn't quite sure how the kids would do, but they did great. Caden immediately started enjoying himself and was splashing ice cold water at Daddy. The other three were whining....."i'm done, the water is cold, its going to rain so we need to get out of the water, its too sunny, the water is dirty, an alligator is gong to eat us." The list could go on and on too. After about 30 minutes of complete bliss and serentiy on our fun adventure we all decided to stay really close together and form a circle around the cooler tube and break out the snacks and drinks. Its amazing what some doritos, chocolate chip cookies and water will do to kids temperaments. They all immediately started to have fun and we didn't hear another whine all day. Except the ones from Shawn because our snacks attracted the killer eyeless ducks.
Once we got to the tube chutes (an area with rougher and faster moving water) we all got out and walked to the top of them and did them again and again and again. It was hard work as we were all carrying two tubes each as the kids were too little to carry theirs. They really need a moving sidewalk to get back to the beginning.
We stopped and caught a bunch of tadpoles along the way and took them for a ride down the chutes in a water bottle. Sydney insisted that we let them go again when we walked back up.
We spent about 6 hours on the river and then went to Olive Garden for our long awaited dinner before heading home.
Unfortunately a disposable underwater camera does not take great pictures.
It was a great couple of days though!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I had such a good time that day!! The kids were awesome! (after we junk-fooded them up).

Love, Sharon