Saturday, August 02, 2008


Poor little Peyton has croup. I thought they were too old for that, but apparently not. She almost went to the ER on Thurday night. Those of you who know me understand how bad she must have been. (I believe that you must be in need of life support to go to the hospital.) She was wheezing and had BAD stridor and could hardly breathe. Bob was having a heart attack and running around yelling which made her cry and did nothing for her already labored breathing. We boiled some vicks vapo rub in a big bowl of water and made her put her head over it for a little while. She improved and could breathe a little easier then. She still continued with some stridor overnight and I got NO sleep staying awake to watch her. Bob would fall asleep and then bolt upright grabbing the poor baby and yell that she was not breathing. Scared me and Peyton half to death every time he did it too. I made him leave and sleep on the couch after the 3 time. lol
I took her to the Dr. yesterday and she is now on steroids. Sydney started all of this a few days ago, but she is not having the difficulty breathing that Peyton has.
I asked the Dr. to look in her ear as its been bothering her and I have been irrigating it with water mixed with peroxide. Well its seems that having an ICU nurse for a Mom is not a good thing - she has a raging infection in her outer ear and is on antibiotic drops now too. I feel so bad!!!!!


The Brown Bunch said...

I am so sorry Kim, I know the feeling, I wait till all 3 of girls are showing symptoms before we go. Sometimes that means a week or so, but I wait to see if it is viral too...I hope that everyone begins to feel better soon. Where are you working at?

Anonymous said...

Give my baby a kiss to make her feel better. Love, Nana