Thursday, August 21, 2008

What fun

We all headed to San Antonio this morning. We checked in to our hotel and then headed out to the Alamo. Our visit there reminded me of the scene from National Lampoon's "Vacation" where they finally get to the Grand Canyon and Chevy Chase bounces up and down a couple of times and then wants to go. Shawn and Kevin were ready to leave before we got there. I don't think I have ever seen the Alamo that fast in my life. They wanted to see the Riverwalk instead so we made our way over there. We walked around for a while and I chased them with my camera. Now they know how the stars feel when the paparazzi is chasing them around.
We left there to go to Austin to see the bats come out from under the Congress Street bridge. We were going to go to Olive Garden for supper, but they were packed. By the time we called around to a couple of them it was getting late and we needed to rush to get to Austin before dark. We stopped for a not so quick hamburger (could not believe how slow they were!!!) and headed to Austin.
We made it JUST in time and walked up as the bats were starting to fly out. The kids enjoyed it, but enjoyed playing with the boys better.
My sister thought it was awesome and the highlight of her day. Luckily she forgot her bright red straw "bat hat" to protect her from the killer vampire bats.

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