Saturday, August 09, 2008

I love my job...I love my job

I used to work in a veterinary clinic years ago before my Mother made me go to nursing school. Thats a whole other story though.
I got ALL the rotten jobs to do in the clinic. I cleaned, painted, mowed the lawn and my all time favorite - washing all the dirty syringes and needles so we could reuse them. I can't even count the needle sticks I recieved. Yet, miraculously I am still here to talk about it. lol
The best part of the job though by far was giving baths to cats that did NOT want baths. They were too ornery for their owners to do it so they brought them to the clinic and it became my job. To add insult to injury (really) I made $5.00/hr.
I came accross this video and just had to share, as this is exactly what I would have to bathe on a regular basis.
I need to remind myself of this when I am having a bad day at could be (and has been) worse.

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Anonymous said...

And you thought ICU was bad, right?