Saturday, August 30, 2008

More fun in the pool

We spent most of the time in the pool while my sister and nephews were here.
I don't think I have laughed that much in ages. My sides still hurt!!!! We just acted silly and laughed for hours. I really can't remember having that much fun just hanging out.
They left this morning to drive home again. I am going to miss them so much!!!!! I can't wait for them to come again....hint hint hint.
Here are some pictures of us horsing around in the water.
They are really bad influences though!!!! When we went home to Canada to visit a couple of years ago they had the Nintendo Wii and got me hooked on it. We just had to have one and ended up getting one for Christmas for the family.
It is just the coolest game. Now I can't stop wanting more and more games for it. I went out and got the Mario Kart for it while they were here and we love it. They boys had to go and get the same game for themselves to take home. Is there a Wii anonymous group out there??
While they were here this summer they got the Nintendo DS and the brain age game. Well now I HAVE to get one.
I used to play videos ALL the time when I was a teenager and thought I had outgrown all of that. I am afraid of what they will come up with next that I can't live without. Try as I might they just would not leave the DS with us.
I am going to need to start selling organs to support my video game habit soon.

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PUT THE GAMES DOWN!!!! The first step is admitting you have a problem :)