Friday, September 12, 2008

Come on Ike, we're ready!!!!

Ready or not here comes IKE. Its just hours before the eyewall hits Galveston head on. Bob went to work today and is there for the duration of the storm. I am home alone with the kids and can hardly move, my back hurts so much. I hurt it again!! Doesn't take much anymore and when this mess is all over I am determined to get it fixed once and for all. We moved all our stuff from the backyard in to the garage and secured everything else. That of course didn't do my back any good.
You know how cats get all hyper before a thunderstorm? Well I swear the kids can sense the change in barometric pressure too. They have been in to EVERYTHING. They have spread almost every toy they own all over the floor for two days in a row. I am struggling to try and pick it all up and when I make them help me they lean over and grab their backs and say "ohhh my back hurts". Little smart alecs, its not working though and I made them help clean up. Luckily storms do not make me nervous (of course I have never been hit head on with a hurricane before either.)
The kids are all set up on air mattresses in the livingroom. I figured it was the best place because they say to stay on the main floor and close to a room with no windows in case of a tornado. I am just picturing all 5 of us and the dog in the downstairs half bath. lol Lets hope it doesn't come to that. They don't seem nervous at all and I am trying not to make a big deal of it.
We rescued a lizard that was in the pool this evening and brought him inside and made him our mascot. Guess what we named him..............IKE of course. lol He is in our bug catcher and should be glad to be out of the wind.
As of this morning, Ike was a Category 2 hurricane with peak winds of about 105 miles (169 kilometers) an hour. According to the news the storm is expected to bring up to 25-foot (7.6-meter) storm surges and 9-foot-deep (2.7-meter-deep) floods when it slams into the Texas coast Friday night or early Saturday morning. I guess we should have gone to Galveston to play on the beach and not put it off all summer.
I am all cozy on the couch watching the storm on tv and running outside to check it out periodically. Of course its too dark to see much. I am just hoping the power stays on, but it doesn't look good. Its getting REALLY windy out there and the gusts are so loud.
This picture is of the seawall in Galveston and was taken about 12 before the storm is due to make landfall. I would love to be one of the reporters down there getting ready for it to hit. I know I am weird, but would love to be there nonetheless.

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