Sunday, September 21, 2008

Let there be light!!!!

Whoo hoo, we have power. The next door neighbour came over and says "things are looking brighter" with a huge smile on his face. I had no idea what he was talking about as we had the breaker off and the generator on. I was so happy!!!! Bob was just about to leave for work too so I made him hurry and turn the breaker on and make sure the fridge was plugged in the wall. Caden made me go to EVERY room to show me that the ceiling fans were on.
I will appreciate the little things a lot more now like:
- cordless phones and being able to actually get a line and talk to people when I want to
- a/c
- being able to open the fridge and look for something without freaking out that all the cool air is getting out (and not having it taped shut so the kids won't open it and stare inside for what seems like an eternity)
- the microwave
- being able to walk around at night without falling over stuff in the dark while looking for a flashlight
- turning the lights on and them actually working. (why is it that I continued to flip the switches when I entered rooms even though I knew they didn't work)
- my own bed
- my hair dryer
- peace and quiet without the ROAR of the generator
- and how could I forget.........Sponge Bob
I made the kids sleep in their own rooms tonight too. We have a waterbed (I know...the 80's called and they want their bed back lol) so it was too cold to get snuggled in to. I cranked the heat on the bed and slept on a comforter.
Its was starting to get hotter and the humidity was coming back too so the power came on in the nick of time.
The pool was still gross today so we brought out the slip and slide for the kids to cool off, they had a ball!!

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Anonymous said...

9 days without power, gee I feel guilty being in Canada enjoying the cool air, having power and eating till I couldn't hold any more food.
Glad all is back to normal over there. Love, S